About Strategic Economics

Strategic Economics (njSE) was established at the end of 2011 at the height of the second phase of the “Great Recession” to guide clients through a difficult economic background and to demonstrate value in economic opportunity and risk. Now, it’s aim is to steer clients through a recovery that is yet to prove fully sustainable.

njSE provides an expert economic intelligence service, offering advice and analysis on strategic economics to the business, public policy and academic community – indeed, anyone interested in the structural changes and cyclical trends underway at any level of the international, UK, regional and local economy.  It supplies expertise on the macro economy, financial markets, industrial sectors and business and labour conditions across this range of economic geographies.  There are regular blogs, reports and briefings available to any visitor through this website as well as bespoke reports and briefings for specific clients.

Strategic Economics works through bespoke, retained or subscription services to clients on a fee basis.  These services provide verbal and written advice to individuals, groups, companies and the media.  This includes briefing and presentations, training and teaching, modelling and detailed advice on the interpretation/implementation of our own and third party analysis and forecasts.  These can be summarised as:

  • PEA – professional economics & analysis
  • SEA – strategic evidence & advice
  • TEA – technical evaluation & assessment

The skills and experience of our professional economists cover the full range of economic analysis, evidence gathering and impact assessment.  We can support your efforts to set strategy, make policy, plan delivery and evaluate impact.  We can help you with all your thinking and actions about the world of economic development and growth.  In these changing economic times, our long years of public and private action in applied economics – analysis, advice and assessment – can help your business, your agency and your activities to maximise economic understanding and potential.

Strategic Economics Ltd has already undertaken these services through the BBC, other media and several SW Universities.  We have clients amongst the Local Enterprise Partnerships, local authorities and private companies across southern England.  We have presented and reported to business organisations, professional services companies and other business networks, including their internal staff and external clients.  We have worked with local government and other public agencies to collect and interpret evidence and to consider and evaluate the findings of other analysts.  For business and local authorities, we have appraised and assessed impacts of planned and completed investments to improve applications for government financial support and to communicate results to decision makers, stakeholders and constituents (see Work Examples page).

Let Strategic Economics Ltd build your knowledge base, add to your instituional learning, and raise your value added.  Contact us today.

For more information, e-mail Nigel at nigel[@]strategiceconomics.co.uk or [0771]2678937.