About Nigel Jump

Nigel Jump leads the work of Strategic Economics Ltd.  He is an expert professional economist with a successful career in applied development and market economics.

Nigel has accumulated deep and diverse applied experience from a range of roles in English public sector regional development, international private sector banking, an environmental NGO, and several universities.  He was Chief Economist for the SW RDA, and an international industrial, markets and risk economist for Barclays and Swiss Volksbank.

Nigel is Professor in Regional Economic Development at Bournemouth University and has been a Visiting Professor in Economics at the Universities of Bath and Plymouth.

Operating at the highest levels of public (government to local authorities) and corporate (multinational to SME) decision making, and with academia and the media, Nigel has influenced and actively promoted a wide spectrum of economic investments and interventions in strategy, policy and delivery.  He has engaged in, amongst others:

1)  economic strategy and evidence development at global, regional and national levels;
2)  policy setting at Board and other senior levels on economic incentives and impacts;
3)  major assessments of, for example, energy projects, tourism programmes, globalisation and spatial regeneration;
4)  daily aspects of bond, equity and currrency trading; and
5)  risk analysis for major national and international sectors, financial loans and investments.

His expertise in macro and micro analysis includes markets, industries and regions – people and places – covering the Americas (north and south) and continental Europe.  He is experienced in analysing and advising on the UK economy and its regions, especially the Greater South West from Swindon to the Scillies, from Tewkesbury to Torquay, and from Bournemouth to Bristol.

In particular, Nigel offers his clients strategic and technical advice and analysis in easy to access forms.  He is renowned for communicating difficult and complex economic concepts, history and forecasts to a range of audiences in verbal or written form.

Importantly, Strategic Economics is not Nigel Jump alone.  Through our range of associates, you can access a diverse body of skills in data sourcing and compilation; descriptive analysis, forecasting and ‘futures’; impact appraisal and evaluation, strategic planning and delivery.

When it is difficult to interpret economic trends and there is a need for careful impact assessment in decision making, please make Strategic Economics Ltd your port of call for expert analysis and advice.

Contact Nigel through nigel@strategiceconomics.co.uk or [0771]2678937