About Nigel Jump

Nigel Jump, the founder and heart of Strategic Economics Ltd, is an expert professional economist with a successful career in applied development and market economics.

Nigel has accumulated deep and diverse applied experience from a range of roles in English public sector regional development, international private sector banking, an environmental NGO, and several universities.  He was Chief Economist for the SW RDA, and an international industrial, markets and risk economist for Barclays and Swiss Volksbank.

Nigel is Professor in Regional Economic Development at Bournemouth University and has been a Visiting Professor in Economics at the Universities of Bath and Plymouth.

Nigel offers clients strategic and technical advice and analysis in easy to access forms.  He is renowned for communicating difficult and complex economic concepts, history and forecasts to a range of audiences in verbal or written form.

Contact Nigel through nigel@strategiceconomics.co.uk or [0771]2678937